Product Features of Centerline Butterfly Valve

Product Features of Centerline Butterfly Valve
1. The centerline butterfly valve is that the entire butterfly plate and the valve seat are concentric (centerline) within a 360° circumference, with a two-way sealing function, and the pressure and flow can be adjusted freely.
2. The four-stage loading elastic seal absolutely guarantees the isolation of the valve inside and outside.
A. The special transition curve at the connection between the shaft head and the disc circumference and the reasonable interference of the valve seat
B. The end face of the shaft head adopts a combination of elastic O-rings, rigid washers at the shaft shoulders, and elastic rubber pads.
C. The radial direction of the shaft adopts the combination of O-ring and metal pad.
D. The valve seat is embedded in the valve body groove with elastic strips.
3. Adjustable elastic marbles are used for positioning, accurate positioning and simple structure.
Design specification for centerline butterfly valve
Follow GB 12238, API609, MSS SP-67, MSS SP-68 standards.
Centerline Butterfly Valve Drive Mode
Manual, worm gear drive, pneumatic, electric.


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