Pressure specification of safety valve

Pressure specification of safety valve

Pressure specification of safety valve

1. Settingsafety valvepressure
Inlet static pressure at which the safety valve disc begins to lift under operating conditions. Under this pressure, there is a measurable opening height, and the fluid is in a continuous discharge state that can be sensed visually or audibly. Also known as opening pressure, set pressure.
2. The maximum rated burst pressure of the safety valve
The same batch of rupture discs is subjected to a burst test at a certain temperature. If the product is qualified, the maximum burst pressure obtained from the test is the maximum calibrated burst pressure of this batch of rupture discs.
3. The maximum relief pressure of the safety valve
The maximum inlet pressure when the disc of the safety valve reaches the specified opening height in the relief state. The maximum discharge pressure of the bursting disc device is the maximum pressure in the discharge state.
4. One or more devices (containers) with valves at both ends that can be isolated from other systems can be regarded as an independent pressure system.
The above four points are about the pressure description of the safety valve.


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