Precautions for the purchase of pneumatic reversing valves

The precautions for the purchase of pneumatic reversing valves are mainly summarized in the following six points:
1,Whether the reversing action is neat and tidy, not sloppy.
2,Solenoid valves, especially AC solenoid valves, should pay attention to their insulation properties. To ensure the personal safety of the operator.
3.The reversing valve should have no external leakage, and the smaller the internal leakage, the better. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the system and waste energy.
4.Pay attention to the factory date of the valve. If the reversing valve is left for too long, its lubricating grease will age, which will affect the normal operation of the reversing valve. 
5.Installation dimensions of reversing valve: Reversing valves of the same type and function have different shapes and installation dimensions due to different manufacturers.
The threaded interface of the reversing valve: the nominal diameter of the reversing valve does not correspond to the thread of the air port one by one. Therefore, the interface thread should be paid attention to when selecting the reversing valve.
Common classification of pneumatic reversing valve:
1,According to the working position: two and three
2,According to the structure: there are globe valve and slide valve
3.According to the controlled medium: fluid valve and gas valve
4.According to the air outlet: two-way, three-way, four-way and five-way
5.According to the control mode: pneumatic control and electric control, direct-acting and pilot-operated
6.According to function: normally closed and normally open, middle sealing and middle leakage and middle air supply


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