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Precautions for installation and use of telescopic flange butterfly valve


Precautions for installation and use of telescopic flange butterfly valve
onethe expansion pipe is installed behind the valve; 
2. The telescopic flange butterfly valve must be placed flat before installation, and do not bump it at will;
3. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and disassemble the telescopic flange butterfly valve at will at the pipeline construction site;
4. The telescopic part of the expansion valve shall not be installed at the corner of the pipe or at the end of the pipe.
5. The flange fixing bolts should be tightened symmetrically. Do not force the flange fixing bolts to be tightened unilaterally;

6. The structural length of the telescopic flange butterfly valve is a small length when it leaves the factory. When installing it, pull it to the installation length (ie the design length);
7. When the length between the pipes exceeds the installation length of the expansion valve, please adjust the interval between the pipes, and do not force the expansion valve to avoid damage to the expansion valve;
8. This telescopic flange butterfly valve is finely processed and tightly coordinated. Do not repeatedly lengthen or shorten the telescopic butterfly valve on site. When installing the pipeline, it is required that the pipes at both ends of the expansion valve must be concentric, and the two flange surfaces on the pipeline must be parallel;
9. Telescopic flange butterfly valve Butterfly valve can be installed in any position. When it is used for temperature compensation, after the installation of the pipeline is completed, brackets should be added at both ends along the axis of the pipeline to prevent the extension tube of the expansion valve from being pulled out (see Figure 1). The support of the bracket The force is calculated according to the following formula, and it is strictly forbidden to remove the bracket during operation;

10. The telescopic flanged butterfly valve does not do temperature compensation. At the same time, it is only used for installation, replacement and maintenance. When the valve is convenient for use, it can be used to limit the position of the telescopic flanged butterfly valve, and the telescopic flanged butterfly valve can be clamped symmetrically to prevent the telescopic butterfly valve from being pulled out (see Figure 2) and damage the telescopic butterfly valve. and plumbing installations or buildings. The diameter of the bolt can be calculated according to the diameter of the flange bolt, the strength of the bolt, the test pressure and the tensile force of the pipeline, and the limit bolt is strictly prohibited to be removed during operation (bolts are provided separately);


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