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Precautions for high current solenoid valve


Precautions for high current solenoid valve

Solenoid valve, as its name implies, is a valve that controls fluid through electromagnetism. When using the solenoid valve, there are some precautions, which must be paid enough attention to, especially when the new contact with the solenoid valve is not enough to understand it, otherwise it will cause some safety problems in severe cases. When we use high-current solenoid valves, these precautions require us to pay special attention.
Precautions for high current solenoid valve

Installation Precautions
When the solenoid valve is used in a pneumatic system, it is generally wound with a raw material tape (that is, a sealing tape) when it is connected with the pneumatic component. It is also wound to complete the function of sealing. But all experienced friends will definitely encounter such a phenomenon: it is obviously a brand new component, but it always leaks air when testing the machine. One of the major reasons, and the more common reason, is that some of the raw material belts went into the gas circuit because the correct method was not followed when the raw material belt was wound. This requires attention to a positive and negative order when winding the raw material tape. All apprentices are invited to test and experience this point by themselves.

The use of relays is indispensable in high current solenoid valve applications. The high-current solenoid valve in the hydraulic system needs to pay more attention to this point. If no relay is installed in the hydraulic system, the service life of the solenoid valve will be greatly reduced.


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