Precautions for Diaphragm Control Valves

Precautions for Diaphragm Control Valves

In the process of using and maintaining the diaphragm control valve, there are many things that need to be paid attention to. The following are the precautions for the six-point diaphragm control valve:
1. When disassembling and replacing the valve, the fluid on both sides should be effectively cut off, the residual liquid should be discharged, and personnel protection should be done well (wear protective clothing, masks, gloves, etc.) to prevent corrosive fluids from harming people.

2. If the valve body is lined with anti-corrosion lining, when it is installed on the pipeline, a corrosion-resistant cushion should be used, and care should be taken not to damage the sealing surface of the valve body flange.
3. When the diaphragm is stored, it should be placed in a cloth bag and placed on a wooden shelf to avoid direct sunlight and contact with ozone, and it should not be stacked with heavy objects.
Fourth, the diaphragm and lining should be checked regularly to prevent damage to other parts and accidents due to corrosion and tearing.
5. When the valve is stored, it should be in a fully open state to ensure that the diaphragm is in a stress-free state, especially for reed-closed diaphragm valves. The two flange faces of the valve should be sealed with paper to prevent the entry of moisture and dirt.
6. When the valve is in use, it should not be closed too much, once the diaphragm presses the weir surface of the valve body. The opening speed of the valve should not be too fast. If the speed is too fast, the load force will be applied to the diaphragm screw and the diaphragm will be damaged.

The above six points are all the precautions for the diaphragm control valve shared with you today. It will definitely be helpful, so keep it~


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