Precautions for Butterfly Valve Installation

Precautions for Butterfly Valve Installation:

Flap valve is another name for butterfly valve, which belongs to a kind of regulating valve and has a relatively simple structure. The butterfly valve opening and closing part is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjustment. So what are the precautions for butterfly valve installation?
Precautions for Butterfly Valve Installation
1. Although it has been strictly inspected and tested before leaving the factory, there are also some products that have automatic screw displacement during transportation, which needs to be re-adjusted, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. Please refer to the instruction manual of the supporting drive device.

2. Whether manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric components are strictly debugged before leaving the factory, when the user re-checks the sealing performance, they should evenly fix both sides of the inlet and outlet, close the butterfly valve, and apply pressure to the inlet side. Observe whether there is leakage on the outlet side. Before the strength test of the pipeline, the disc plate should be opened to prevent damage to the sealing pair.

3. The opening and closing strokes of the control mechanism have been adjusted when the electric drive butterfly valve leaves the factory. In order to prevent the wrong direction when the power is turned on, after the user turns on the power for the first time, first open the manual to the half-open position, and press the electric switch to check that the direction of the indicator plate is consistent with the closing direction of the valve.
The above three points describe the precautions for butterfly valve installation, hoping to help you.


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