Pneumatic valve seal equipment failure reasons and troubleshooting methods

The main faults of pneumatic valves are poor action and leakage, mainly due to factors such as condensed water, dust, rust, poor lubrication, and unqualified seal product quality in the compressed air. How to eliminate the failure phenomenon in the pneumatic valve seal, Bai Valve tells you that for different failure reasons, the various troubleshooting methods are listed as follows.
1. What are the reasons why valve seals cannot be reversed?
1. Poor lubrication, large sliding resistance and starting friction;
2. The seal has a large amount of movement and compression, or expands and deforms;
3. Dust or oil is stuck on the valve seat;
4. The spring seal is damaged or stuck;
5. The area of ​​the control piston is small and the operating force is low;
【Method of exclusion】
1. Improve the degree of lubrication;
2. Appropriately reduce the compression of the seal;
3. Remove dust and oil;
4. Reassemble or replace the spring;
5. Increase the piston area or operating force.
2. What is the reason for the leakage of the valve sealing position?
1. The compression amount of the seal is too small or damaged;
2. The valve stem or valve seat is damaged;
3. The casting has shrinkage holes;
4. Damaged buffer seals
【Method of exclusion】
1. Properly increase the amount of compression and replace the seal products;
2. Replacement valve stem and valve seat;
3. Replace castings;
4. Replace the seal;
3. What is the cause of vibration inside the valve seal?
1. Low pressure;
2. Low voltage;
【Method of exclusion】
1. Increase the pilot operating pressure;
2. Increase the power supply voltage or change the coil parameters.


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