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Pneumatic gate valve model compilation and representation method


Pneumatic gate valve model compilation and representation method:
Gate valve additional code: WZ means bellows gate valve, DZ cryogenic gate valve, NKZ vacuum gate valve, PZ knife gate valve;
Gate valve type indicates: Z;
Drive mode indication: manual without code (usually omitted according to regulations), 2 electro-hydraulic, 3 worm gear, 5-bevel gear transmission, 6 pneumatic, 9 electric;
Connection mode indication: 4 flange connection, 6 welding, 7 clamping type;
Structural form: 0 elastic ram, 1 wedge-type single ram with rising rod, 2-wedge double ram with rising rod, 3-parallel single ram with rising rod, 4-parallel double ram with rising rod, 5 dark Rod wedge single ram, 6 dark rod wedge double rams, 7 dark rod parallel single rams, 9 dark rod parallel double rams;
Sealing material: W valve body direct processing, T alloy, X rubber, F fluoroplastic, H-Cr stainless steel, Y hard alloy, M Monel alloy;
Pressure level indication: PN1.0-32Mpa, 16=1.6MPA means the pressure is 16 kg, 150LB-1500LB means the American standard pound pressure, 5-63K means the daily pressure;

Valve body material: Z- gray cast iron, Q ductile iron, T alloy, C carbon steel, P stainless steel 304, R stainless steel 316, V chromium molybdenum vanadium steel.

Pneumatic gate valve model preparation instructions:
PZ673H-10P Stainless steel pneumatic pairClip Type Knife Gate Valve
1. PZ: Indicates knife gate valve;
2, 6: Indicates that the transmission mode is pneumatic;
3, 7: The connection method is a clamp connection;
4, 3: The structural form is a parallel single ram with exposed rods;
5. H: The sealing material is stainless steel;
6, 10: Indicates that the nominal pressure is 1.0MPa;
7. P: Indicates that the material of the valve body is stainless steel.


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