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Pneumatic control valve prone to line failure problems?


1) The terminals of the power cord are loose, fall off, short-circuit, or open circuit. Too much dust on the circuit board leads to poor contact, signal fluctuation, and vibration of the control valve.
2) After heavy rain or typhoon, the equipment will be damped and the wiring will be short-circuited, resulting in the regulating valve not being able to be fully opened or fully closed.
3) If the polarity is reversed, the regulating valve will not operate.
4) The middle section of the power line is faulty, due to the failure of the insulating tape, the insulation of the wire falls off, causing a short circuit between the wires, and the wire is broken due to on-site vibration, resulting in discontinuous oscillation of the regulating valve action, which cannot be fully opened or fully closed or even No action.
5) Due to the wrong wiring of the regulating valve after maintenance, the regulating valve is faulty.
6) The output signal of the control valve is unstable, causing the operation of the control valve to fluctuate.


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