Overview of three-way regulating valve and three-way ball valve in the classification of three-way electric valve

Electric three-way regulating valveOverview:

Electric three-way control valve is usually used for two medium adjustment of heat exchanger and simple ratio adjustment. It can be used by one instead of two single-seat and double-seat control valves, and it can also save installation pipelines, save investment, and occupy a small space. Therefore, it is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, light industry and environmental protection and other industrial sectors.
There are two types of electric three-way regulating valve: confluent three-way regulating valve and shunt three-way regulating valve, which are composed of straight-stroke electronic electric actuator and three-way confluence or three-way splitting regulating valve body. The straight stroke electronic electric actuator is powered by the power supply, receives the input current signal from the control signal of the regulator, realizes the predetermined linear reciprocating motion, and outputs the feedback current signal of the valve opening at the same time, with manual function. The function of the confluence three-way control valve is to combine two fluids into a third fluid, and the split three-way control valve is to divide one fluid into two fluids. The confluence and diverter valves can only be selected correspondingly. When the nominal diameter and pressure difference are small, the confluence valve can be used in diverter occasions. When the nominal diameter DN ≥ 80mm and the pressure difference is large, only the diverter valve can be used.
Electric regulating valve is an important execution unit instrument in industrial automation process control. With the increasing degree of automation in the industrial field, it is being used more and more in various industrial production fields. Compared with the traditional pneumatic control valve, it has obvious advantages: energy saving (electricity is only consumed when working), environmental protection (no carbon emission), and quick and easy installation.
1. The direction of the action of the fluid on the valve core is in the open state, so the working stability is good.
2. In addition to the guide of the bushing at the valve cover, the side of the valve core and the inner surface of the valve seat also have a guiding function, with a large guiding area and reliable operation.
3. The servo amplifier adopts deep dynamic negative feedback, which can improve the adjustment accuracy.
4. There are various forms of electric operators, which can be applied to 4~20mA.DC or 1~5V.DC.
5. The electronic electric regulating valve can directly control the valve opening by the current signal, without servo amplifier.
6. Save automation investment. Compared with single-seat, double-seat or sleeve regulating valve, the same system can save one valve, simplify the system and save investment.
7. The bellows sealing type forms a complete seal for the moving valve stem to block fluid leakage.
8. The three-way regulating valve is divided into a split type and a confluence type, which divides and merges the medium. The selection is determined according to the on-site working conditions.
Electric three-way ball valveOverview:
The electric three-way ball valve is composed of an angular stroke series intelligent actuator and a three-way ball valve. It is a rotary cut-off regulating valve. The electric three-way ball valve has the advantages of tight closing, compact structure, light weight and convenient maintenance. Electric three-way regulating ball valve is widely used in pipeline automation control of gas, liquid, steam, oil and other corrosive media. The two-seat sealed electric three-way ball valve has compact structure, beautiful appearance and good sealing performance. The electric three-way ball valve can realize the switching of the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. It is also possible to connect or close two channels that are perpendicular to each other. The four-seat sealed three-way ball valve has beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure. The electric three-way ball valve can not only realize the switching of the flow direction of the medium, but also make the three channels communicate with each other. At present, one channel can be closed to connect the other two channels, and the confluence or diversion of the medium in the pipeline can be flexibly controlled. Therefore, it is called an electric three-way reversing ball valve.


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