Operation method and structure of combined valve

Operation method and structure of combined valve
The components of the combined valve include two: the valve core and the valve seat,The valve core is a cylinder, and the bottom and middle of the cylinder are drilled with holes that communicate with each other vertically. The valve core and the valve seat are connected by dynamic fit.The upper part of the valve seat is connected with 4-5 water inlet pipes, and the lower part is connected with a water outlet pipe.

When the boiler is discharging sewage, the moving core is rotated by the handwheel. When the hole in the middle of the valve core is opposite to a certain inlet pipe port on the valve seat, the water in the circulation loop connected by the inlet pipe will pass through the valve seat and the valve core. The water is discharged from the outlet pipe at the lower part of the valve seat. When the sewage is stopped, it is only necessary to turn the handwheel to stagger the hole in the middle of the valve core and the hole on the seat. When the boiler is stopped to discharge water, the pin on the joint valve is withdrawn, the valve core is lifted, and the five circulation circuits connected at the five points can simultaneously drain water through the water outlet pipe at the lower part of the valve seat, which shortens the boiler water discharge time.
The above is the operation method and structure of the joint valve shared with you today. After reading it, it must be very helpful. Remember to collect it and forward it.


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