Nine advantages of balance valve

Nine advantages of balance valve
1. For designers: reduced workload and more flexibility;
2. Many other troubles caused by unbalanced water system can be avoided;
3. The workload is reduced: there is no need to perform cumbersome resistance calculations for the entire pipeline, and the design speed is accelerated;
4. Improve safety: Because the flow balance of the water system is carried out automatically, the possibility of artificial destructive adjustment is eliminated;

5. Easy to use: The project construction is more flexible, and the installation of the project or the use of the equipment in stages will not affect the balance of the water system;
6. Easy to change: When the water system in some areas needs to be redesigned, it will not affect the design and balance of the water system in other areas;
Seven, you can boldly use the different program system: save pipes, corresponding materials and installation costs, and hand over the work of balancing the hydraulic system to the dynamic flow balancing valve to complete;
Eight, reduce wear and reduce waste: because the water flow will not exceed the original design, the durability of all equipment is guaranteed, and the loss of copper pipes caused by excessive flow is avoided;

9. Reduce power consumption: Because the entire water system is balanced, it ensures that the refrigeration unit (boiler, heat exchanger) and the water pump operate in a better working state, which has obvious energy-saving effect;

The nine advantages of the balance valve are shared with you above. Compared with other valves, these nine advantages are more prominent, please choose according to your needs.


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