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Model compilation and representation method of electric globe valve


Model compilation and representation method of electric globe valve:
Globe valve additional code: W means bellows, D means low temperature, B means heat preservation;
1) Globe valve category code: J means globe valve;
2) Transmission mode of stop valve: manual without code, 5 bevel gears, 6 pneumatic, 9 electric;
3) Globe valve connection mode: 4 flange connection, 6 welding;
4) Structural form of stop valve: 1 straight-through type, 2 Z-type straight-through, 3 three-way, 4-angle type, 5 Y-type straight-through type, 6 balanced straight-through type, 7 balanced angle type, 8 needle type;
5) Globe valve sealing material: F fluororubber, H stainless steel, N nylon plastic, Y hard alloy, M Monel alloy, W valve body directly processed;
6) Nominal pressure of stop valve: 16 means pressure 1.6mpa means sixteen kilograms, PN1.6-32mpa, IN150LB-1500LB, 5-63K;

7) Globe valve body material: A titanium alloy, C carbon steel, I chrome molybdenum steel, P stainless steel 304, R stainless steel 316;

Example of model compilation of electric globe valve:

J941F46-16C Electric Flange LiningFluorine globe valve
1. J: means stop valve;
2, 9: Indicates that the transmission mode is electric;
3, 4: The connection method is flange connection;
4.1: The structure is a straight-through flow channel;
5. F: The sealing material is fluorine rubber;
6, 16: Indicates that the nominal pressure is 1.6MPa;
7. C: Indicates that the valve body material is carbon steel.


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