Material selection of main parts of corrosion-resistant and pressure-resistant valves

When selecting the material of the main parts of the valve, the physical properties (temperature, pressure) and chemical properties (corrosiveness) of the working medium should be considered first, and the cleanliness of the medium (with or without solid particles) should also be known. In addition, it is necessary to refer to the relevant regulations and requirements of the country and the user department.
A variety of materials can meet the requirements of the valve in a variety of different working conditions. However, the correct and reasonable selection of valve materials can obtain more economical service life and better performance of the valve.
In the division of valve parts materials, the more general method is to divide according to the material used in the casing: such as cast iron valve, the casing material is made of gray cast iron, malleable iron or ductile iron; steel valve, the casing is made of carbon Flashes made of steel, alloy steel or stainless acid-resistant steel; titanium valves, with casings made of titanium alloys; copper valves, valves with casings made of copper alloys; aluminium valves, with casings made of aluminium alloys Valves; plastic valves, valves with plastic housings; ceramic valves, valves with ceramic lined housings, etc.


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