Manual Valve Operation Safety Manual

Manual Valve Operation Safety Manual

Our more common manual valves are:Shut-off valve,butterfly valve,ball valve,gate,Plug valvewait. Manual valves are widely used among all valves, and the design rules for their handles or handwheels are based on manpower. Pay attention when opening and closing, do not use too much force, otherwise the sealing surface will be easily damaged, and the handle of the hand wheel will also be damaged to a certain extent.

When we open and close the valve, the force should be steady to avoid impact.

Steam valves need to be preheated before opening to remove condensed water, and open as slowly as possible to avoid water vapor impact.

For the initial use of the pipeline, it is inevitable that there will be debris inside, so the pipeline must be rinsed clean before opening, and then the valve is slightly opened, so as to use the high-speed flow of the medium to wash it away, and then close it gently. Note here It cannot be closed quickly, otherwise there will be residues that will damage the sealing surface, then open it again, and repeat this many times to rinse out the debris.

For normally open valves, there may be sundries on the sealing surface, which should be washed away by the above method when closing, and then closed tightly.

Do not use an adjustable wrench instead of the handwheel handle, so as not to damage the valve stem and cause ineffective opening and closing, thereby avoiding safety accidents in production.

Some media cool down after the valve is closed, causing the valve to shrink, and the operator should close it again at an appropriate time to leave no gaps on the sealing surface, otherwise, the medium flows through the slits at high speed, and it is easy to erode the sealing surface.

When operating the manual valve, if the operation is found to be too laborious, the reason should be analyzed. If the packing is too tight, such as the valve stem is skewed, the closing part will expand due to heat in the closed state, making it difficult to open. If it must be opened at this time, the thread of the bonnet can be loosened by half a turn to one turn to relieve the stress of the valve stem, and then turn the handwheel.
Tips: After all manual valves are fully opened, turn the hand wheel a little to make the threads tight and avoid loosening and damage.


1. For high-temperature valves above 200°C, since they are installed at room temperature, after normal use, the temperature rises, the bolts expand due to heat, and the gap increases, so they must be tightened again, which is called “heat tightness”. Operators should pay attention to this work , otherwise leakage may easily occur.

2. When the weather is cold and freezing, especially for outdoor valves, the accumulated water in the pipelines and valves should be drained to prevent the pipelines and valves from freezing.

3. Some non-metallic valves are hard and brittle, and some have low strength. When operating, the opening and closing force should not be too large, especially not violent. Also pay attention to avoid bumping objects.

4. When the new valve is used, the packing should not be pressed too tightly, so as not to leak, so as to avoid too much pressure on the valve stem, accelerated wear, and laborious opening and closing. It is recommended to use Guangzhou Weiyuan bellows globe valve, the bellows seal switch is easier.

The above is the manual valve operation safety manual shared with you today. If you need manual valve operation in the future, please save this article for future use. For more practical information, valve dry goods, continue to pay attention to


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