Maintenance of hydraulic control valve

Maintenance of hydraulic control valve
Hydraulic control valve is a kind of automatic control valve composed of a main valve and its external needle valve, guide valve, etc. It is a self-lubricating valve body using water, without additional oil lubrication. If the parts in the main valve are damaged, please disassemble it according to the following instructions.

Maintenance of hydraulic control valve

1. First close the front and rear gate valves of the main hydraulic control valve;
2. Then loosen the pipe joint screw on the main hydraulic control valve cover to release the pressure in the valve;
3. Next, remove all the screws, including the nuts of the necessary copper pipes in the control pipeline;
4. Then take the valve cover and spring of the hydraulic control valve;
5. Then remove the shaft core, diaphragm, piston, etc., do not damage the diaphragm;
6. After taking out the above items, check whether the diaphragm and ○-ring are damaged; if there is no damage, please do not divide the internal parts by yourself;
7. If it is found that the hydraulic control valve diaphragm or O-ring is damaged at this time, please loosen the nut on the shaft core, disassemble the diaphragm or the ring gradually, and replace it with a new diaphragm or O-ring after taking it out. ring;
8. It is necessary to check in detail whether the hydraulic control valve seat, shaft core, etc. inside the main valve are damaged. If there are other sundries inside the main valve, clean them out;
9. Finally, install the main valve with the replaced parts in reverse order, and pay attention that the valve cannot be blocked.

The above nine points are the maintenance of the hydraulic control valve shared with you today.


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