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Main features of stainless steel oxygen valve


Main features of stainless steel oxygen valve:

1. JY41W stainless steel oxygen valve series are specially designed stainless steel or copper alloy globe valves, which are mainly used for the pipelines after being pressurized by oxygen compressors.

2. Flexible opening and closing. The stainless steel oxygen valve adopts two structures according to the size of the diameter. The small diameter is an ordinary structure, and the large diameter is equipped with an auxiliary valve disc to balance the pressure difference before and after the valve and reduce the opening and closing torque.

3. Safe and reliable. The stainless steel oxygen valve adopts strict oil prohibition measures when manufacturing, the packing material is PTFE, and the valve stem is designed as a lifting rod, that is, the valve stem does not rotate when it rises and falls, and the valve disc rises and falls with it, thus reducing the wear on the packing, and at the same time the upper seal Wear is also reduced to a lower level. All valve parts are strictly degreased before installation to ensure safe and reliable use.

4. The exposed part of the valve stem has protective measures to prevent dust and oil pollution, and the bracket bearing is lubricated with fluorinated grease.

5. The stainless steel oxygen valve is equipped with conductive screw holes at the flange end to prevent static electricity.

Main features of copper oxygen shut-off valve:

1. For nominal pressure PN≥1.6MPa, DN125~200 copper oxygen pipeline stop valve adopts internal bypass structure; DN250~500 copper oxygen pipeline special stop valve adopts external bypass valve structure. Its purpose is to reduce the pressure difference before and after the valve to avoid high flow rate, high flushing and prevent high temperature, thus ensuring the safe operation of the oxygen pipe network and reducing the operating torque.

2. Medium flow direction: PN≥1.6MPa, DN≤100 medium flows from the bottom of the valve disc into the top of the valve disc (that is, low in and high out), DN≥125 medium flows from the valve disc to the bottom (high in and low out) o For DN The copper oxygen valve of ≥125 adopts the flow direction of medium high in and low out. On the one hand, it meets the needs of the structure of the internal bypass valve, and on the other hand, the closing force of the valve is greatly reduced due to the effect of the medium pressure.

3. The copper oxygen pipeline stop valve is equipped with a static-conducting safety device, which can avoid sparks caused by static electricity.

4. Compared with the ordinary stainless steel globe valve, the bracket part of the globe valve for oxygen pipeline adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the protective cover plate on the bracket can be opened when the packing is pressed, which plays a role in preventing oil and dust. And there is a clear no oil mark.

5. All parts of the copper oxygen pipeline stop valve are strictly degreased.


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