Knowledge of oxygen pressure reducing valve

Knowledge of oxygen pressure reducing valve

The oxygen pressure reducing valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline, and is suitable for water, steam and air medium pipelines. Its work is controlled by the pressure behind the valve. In physical chemistry experiments, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and other gases are often used. These gases are generally stored in dedicated high-pressure gas cylinders. When in use, the gas pressure is reduced to the required range of the experiment through the pressure reducing valve, and then finely adjusted by other control valves, so that the gas is input into the use system. The most commonly used pressure reducing valve is the oxygen pressure reducing valve, referred to as the oxygen meter.
Knowledge of oxygen pressure reducing valve

How Oxygen Pressure Reducing Valves Work

The high pressure chamber of the oxygen pressure reducing valve is connected with the steel cylinder, and the low pressure chamber is the gas outlet and leads to the use system. The indication value of the high pressure gauge is the pressure of the gas stored in the cylinder. The outlet pressure of the low pressure gauge can be controlled by the adjusting screw. When using, first turn on the main switch of the cylinder, then turn the low pressure gauge pressure adjusting screw clockwise to compress the main spring and drive the film, spring spacer and ejector rod to open the valve. In this way, the imported high-pressure gas enters the low-pressure chamber after being throttled and decompressed from the high-pressure chamber, and leads to the working system through the outlet. Turn the adjusting screw to change the height of the valve opening, so as to adjust the throughput of high-pressure gas and achieve the required pressure value. The pressure reducing valve is equipped with a safety valve. It is a device to protect the pressure reducing valve and make it safe to use, and it is also a signal device for the failure of the pressure reducing valve. If the outlet pressure rises by itself and exceeds a certain allowable value due to valve gasket, valve damage or other reasons, the safety valve will automatically open the exhaust.
The above is the relevant knowledge of oxygen pressure reducing valve shared with you today, and some other knowledge about oxygen pressure reducing valve: 《Use of Oxygen Pressure Reducing Valve”, click to read the relevant content~


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