Introduction to Deluge Valve

Introduction to Deluge Valve

A control valve that achieves automatic water supply by controlling the fire water supply pipeline is called deluge valve, which can be opened by electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical means. Deluge valve is a timely and efficient fire valve.

Introduction to Deluge Valve

Deluge systems are characterized by requiring rapid sprinkler fire and are generally used as fire separation. Therefore, the sprinkler heads are open, and when the system is in action, all open sprinklers in the designed spray area spray water at the same time. The deluge system is controlled by a deluge valve, and there is usually no water in the pipeline.
Features and functions
The feature of the pre-action system is that it can take into account both dry and wet systems. Usually, there is no water in the pipeline. It is linked with the alarm system. Once the alarm is alarmed, it can be pre-filled with water. The sprinkler head is closed, and the system uses a deluge valve. This system has high requirements, and the advantage is that there is no water in the pipeline at ordinary times, which can prevent accidental spraying or freeze cracking.
The rain shower system and the pre-action system use different parts, and the designed flow rate and required water volume are different. This is the big difference between them. As for the other differences in the working principle, it is actually not too big.
The above introduces the introduction, characteristics and functions of the deluge valve. After reading it, you must have a preliminary understanding of the deluge valve.


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