Introduction of ferrule globe valve

The cut-off valve is often called a needle valve, which plays an important role in the instrument measurement pipeline system. The main function is to cut off orturn onpipeline access,There are mainly globe valves and ball valves.

Introduction of ferrule globe valve

Its main advantages are:
1. Easy to install and disassemble;
2. The connection is fastened;
3. Conducive to fire prevention;
4. High explosion-proof and pressure resistance;
5. Good sealing performance, etc.
It is a valve with a more advanced connection method, often inIt plays an important role in chemical plants, oil refining, power stations and instrumentation pipelines.

The ferrule globe valve has good sealing performance and long service life. Even if the sealing surface is damaged, it only needs to replace the vulnerable parts, and it can continue to be used.
Installation main considerations:
1.This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline.

2. Remember to determine the flow direction of the medium and keep the flow direction of the medium consistent with the direction of the arrow on the valve body.
The above is the whole content of the introduction of the ferrule globe valve shared with you today, including the basic introduction, the main advantages and the main precautions during installation.


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