Intelligent control valve

Intelligent control valve
The intelligent control valve is a valve capable of realizing intelligent control functions. It is one of the control valves. It hasMicroprocessor to respond to intelligent information.In this way we can understand it as having a microprocessora control valveThat is, the intelligent control valve. The more common ones are:

1. Pneumatic control valve with intelligent valve positioner;

2. Intelligent electric control valve;
3. Pneumatic control valve with field bus intelligent valve positioner
So what role does the intelligent control valve play in the operating system? First of all, it must be that the intelligent system can save human resources to a large extent. What are the specific functions? Please see the analysis below:
1. Reduce the skill requirements for instrument maintenance personnel.
2. Adopt the diagnosis function to make the control valve use. The service life is extended, and the operation status can be monitored in time.

3. It is convenient to modify the flow characteristics of the control valve.

4. Realize other calculation functions, for example, setting range range for split-range control, nonlinear compensation calculation, etc.

5. Change the positive and negative action modes of the control valve.

6. Realize the communication with the upper computer, – to realize information sharing. L realizes the fault diagnosis and alarm of the control valve.

7. Realize the self-locking of the control valve.

8. Realize the status information management of the control valve, etc., the advantages of using the intelligent valve positioner are as follows.

9. Reduce the installation, verification and debugging time of the control loop.

The above content is the introduction of the intelligent control valve shared with you today, and I hope it can be helpful to friends who are in need.


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