Installation Procedures for Valve Boxes and Valve Discs

The valve box (VMB) and valve plate (VMP) of the special gas system software should first consider the design concept and processing technology requirements, and be fixed on the special rubber bearing or support frame and fixed on the beam, column and wall. Not suitable for immobilizing the valve box on the road surface immediately. It is a more appropriate choice to centrally fix all valve fittings on one layout, and then fix them as a whole. The valve box should use a separate support point bracket, and the support point of the pipeline should not be used.

Installation process:

The rubber bearing of the valve box and the valve disc should be made of special hot-dip galvanized channel steel, special electrostatic sprayed channel steel or special stainless steel plate channel steel assembled building connection, not suitable for electric welding. The flatness error of the valve box and the valve disc shall not exceed 1.6‰, and the display layout difference shall not exceed 5mm. After the valve box and the valve disc are hoisted and leveled on the ground, they should be fixed firmly. The anchor bolts connecting the valve, the valve disc and the valve box should be stainless steel bolts, and the valve and piping system software should not immediately touch the components that are likely to cause rust.

If it is indicated in the engineering drawings, the valve box and the valve disc should be accurately positioned according to the provisions of the design drawing. If not, the convenient and practical operation of the community owner shall be considered under the condition that the requirements are met.


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