Installation and use instructions of liquefied gas valve

LPG valve stemThere are lift rod type and lift rotary rod type.The opening and closing part of the liquefied gas valve is a plug-shaped valve disc, the sealing surface is a plane or a conical surface, and the valve disc moves linearly along the center line of the fluid.then we areWhat matters should be paid attention to when installing the liquefied gas valve? Check out the usage instructions below:
Instructions for installation and use of liquefied gas valve:

1. Before installation, the inner cavity of the liquefied gas valve should be cleaned, and the defects caused during transportation should be removed;

2. The installation of the liquefied gas valve should keep the drive shaft of the butterfly valve in a horizontal state and the piston valve in the vertical upward position;

3. The transmission should be debugged before the liquefied gas valve is used to keep all functions of the transmission intact, and the limit stroke and over-torque protection and control are reliable;

4. All lubricating parts of the liquefied gas valve transmission device should be fully lubricated before commissioning and use;

5. Before starting the electric device, you should carefully read the instruction manual of the electric device for the liquefied gas valve provided with the machine.
The above installation and use instructions of the liquefied gas valve respectively carry out the installation instructions of the liquefied gas valve from the five stages before the installation of the liquefied gas valve, before the installation, before the use, use and starting the electric device.


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