How to test the performance of pneumatic valve

Performance testing of pneumatic valves
The performance test of pneumatic valve is divided into the following two aspects:

1. Performance testing

①The opening and closing torque of the valve under working pressure;

② Under the condition of working pressure, the continuous opening and closing times of the valve can be guaranteed to be tightly closed;
③ Detection of the flow resistance coefficient of the valve under the condition of pipeline water delivery.
2. Inspection before leaving the factory
① When the valve is open, the valve body should be subjected to an internal pressure test twice the working pressure value of the valve;
②When the valve is closed, the two sides are respectively subjected to 1.1 times the working pressure value of the valve, and there is no leakage; but the leakage value of the metal butterfly valve is not greater than the relevant requirements.
The above content is how to test the performance of the pneumatic valve shared with you today, I hope it will be helpful to you.


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