How to effectively troubleshoot the failure of large-diameter pneumatic butterfly valve

1. Before installing the pneumatic butterfly valve, it is necessary to confirm whether the product performance of the pneumatic butterfly valve and the flow direction arrow of the medium are consistent with the moving conditions, and the inner cavity of the valve should be cleaned. Never close the butterfly plate before, so as not to damage the sealing ring.
2. It is recommended to use special flanges for butterfly valves, namely HGJ54-91 type socket welding steel flanges.
3. Where the pneumatic butterfly valve is installed in the pipeline, the best position is vertical installation, but it cannot be installed upside down.
4. Pneumatic butterfly valve needs to adjust the flow in use, which is controlled by a pneumatic actuator.
5. For the manual butterfly valve with many times of opening and closing, in about two months, open the cover of the worm gear box to check whether the butter is normal, and keep an appropriate amount of butter.
6. Check that each connecting part is required to be compressed, which not only ensures the sealing performance of the packing, but also ensures the flexible rotation of the valve stem.
7. Valve stem installation and use response Regularly check the valve use effect, and find faults and eliminate them in time.
Troubleshooting of the leakage of the sealing surface of the pneumatic butterfly valve:

1. There are sundries in the butterfly plate and sealing surface
2. The closing position of the butterfly plate and the sealing surface is not properly matched
3. The flange bolts on the outlet side are not uniformly stressed
Troubleshooting of leakage at both ends of pneumatic butterfly valve:

1. Failure of the sealing gaskets on both sides
2. The tightening force of the pipe flange is uneven or not tightened
3. The upper and lower sealing gaskets of the sealing ring are invalid.


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