How to clean and use the valve of electric boiler

The valve of the electromagnetic boiler also affects the heating effect, so how should it be used? How to clean and maintain it? Let Magnetic Flux introduce it to you.

1. When the heating of the electromagnetic boiler is not hot, there is noise, and water is returned, the check valve needs to be cleaned. If the baffle plate inside the check valve can be used normally during inspection and has good sealing performance, The cleaning operation can then proceed, otherwise it needs to be replaced.

2. Regularly check the operation of power lines, feed pumps, pressure switches, and safety valves. Problems should be solved in time.

3. The blowdown valve of the electromagnetic boiler should be kept open after blowdown until the next operation to avoid the problem of negative pressure.

4. The electromagnetic boiler should always check the flexibility of the water supply valve. If the pressure is not enough and the water level is too low, it should be checked whether the water supply valve can work normally. If it cannot work normally, it needs to be replaced.

5. If the electromagnetic boiler stops working for a long time, the power supply should be cut off, and the drain valve should be opened at the same time to discharge all the water to avoid freezing damage.

6. The exhaust valve of the electromagnetic boiler should be opened after each water injection, so that the gas in the pipeline can be discharged and avoid air blockage and affect the heating effect.

7. The pipes and valves of the electromagnetic boiler should be reasonably controlled in size, and the temperature of each room should be properly adjusted to achieve a suitable heating temperature to avoid waste.


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