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How to choose fire valve


How to choose a fire valve?

Fire dampers are closed by gravity and by a spring mechanism. So how to choose the fire valve?

How to choose fire valve

1. The main control parameters for fire dampers are specifications, etc.
2. If the valve is linked with the fan, it should be equipped with a double micro switch device.

3. Fire dampers are suitable for pipes in ventilation, air conditioning or smoke exhaust systems.
4. Pay attention to the function of the valve when selecting the valve, such as normally open or normally closed, automatic closing and opening, manual closing and opening, manual reset, signal output, remote control and other requirements.

5. Fire dampers are suitable for ventilation and air conditioning systems. Except for fire dampers used in kitchen fume exhaust systems in public buildings, the operating temperature is 150 °C. Generally, the operating temperature of fire dampers for ventilation and air conditioning systems is 70 °C.
6. The blade of the valve body should be steel plate with a thickness of 2~6mm, the valve body should be made of non-combustible material, and the rotating parts should be made of corrosion-resistant metal material, and the rotation should be flexible. The thickness of the valve shell shall not be less than 2mm. Fusible parts shall meet fire department approved standards.
The above six points are all the content about how to choose fire dampers that I shared with you today. Collect them~


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