How the manual balance valve works

The balance valve is a valve that exists to adjust the flow and pressure of the medium at both ends of the valve body. It is a special valve device whose particularity is mainly due to the particularity of the system in which it acts. The manual balance valve is manually adjusted at one time and cannot automatically change the resistance coefficient with the change of the system operating conditions, so it is called a static balance valve.
The object of the manual balance valve is resistance, which can play the role of a manually adjustable orifice plate to balance the resistance of the pipe network system and achieve the resistance balance of each loop. It can solve the problem of steady-state imbalance of the system: when the operating conditions are different from the design conditions, the circulating water volume is more or less than the design conditions. Since the balance valve balances the system resistance, the new water volume can be balanced according to the proportion calculated by the design. distribution, so that the flow of each branch will increase or decrease proportionally at the same time, and still meet the corresponding flow requirements under the current load.
There are also some precautions for the installation of manual balance valve:
It can be installed on the return pipeline, and can also be installed on the water supply pipeline.

It is recommended to install the balancing valve on the return line with low water temperature.
It can be installed horizontally or vertically.
The installation location needs to set straight pipe sections according to equipment requirements, usually 6 times the pipe diameter.
The above is the working principle of the manual balancing valve, and some precautions when installing the manual balancing valve to share with you.


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