How should the worm gear butterfly valve be maintained?

After the worm gear butterfly valve is installed and put into work, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the worm gear butterfly valve. Only by doing a good job of daily maintenance and maintenance can we ensure that the worm gear butterfly valve maintains normal and stable work for a long time, and our production work will not be affected.

Tips for maintenance of worm gear butterfly valve:

1. For the idle valve, it should be stored in a dry, ventilated and cool place, and the two ends of the valve passage should be blocked to prevent dust and impurities from entering.

2. Regularly check the valve, apply anti-rust oil on the outer surface of the valve, and clean the dirt on the valve body in time.

3. After installation, the valve needs to be repaired regularly to ensure its normal and stable operation. The parts that need to be repaired are:

① Check whether the sealing surface of the valve is worn. If it is worn, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

② Check whether the trapezoidal thread of the valve stem and the valve stem nut is seriously worn, and whether the packing is outdated and invalid. Once the problem is found, it is necessary to replace it in time.

③ Regularly check the tightness of the valve, and deal with the leakage in time.

④ The valve as a whole should be intact, including the bolts on the flange and bracket, and ensure that the threads are not damaged or loose.

4. If the external environment where the valve is located is harsh and easily affected by bad weather, a protective cover should be installed on the valve.

5. Keep the scale on the valve complete, accurate and clear.

6. Do not hit and knock the valve that is working in the pipeline, and do not support heavy objects.

Whether the worm gear butterfly valve operates normally or not is related to whether our project can be carried out smoothly, so attention must be paid to the maintenance of the worm gear butterfly valve.


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