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hot air valve


Introduction of hot air valve
The hot blast valve is suitable for the hot blast pipe of the blast furnace hot blast stove system, as well as the hot blast pipe of other industrial kilns and heating furnaces. It can cut off the high temperature air, gas and flue gas.

hot air valve

Nominal pressure of hot air valve: 0.25MPa (0.4MPa)
How the hot air valve works
The hot air valve can be driven by hand chain, hydraulic chain or electric chain.

Applicable temperature of hot air valve: ≤1200℃≤(1350℃)
The valve body and bonnet are lined with cast-welded hybrid structure, and the valve stem is lined with JF-1 material.
The hot air valve adopts water cooling, the cooling water pressure is 0.3MPa, and the water consumption is 0.056×DNT/h
The hot air valve should be installed straight.
When the working pressure is less than 0.2MPa, it shall be represented by 2 pressure levels.
Hydraulic oil pressure 6.3NOa
The DN1250 valve is an electric valve with a motor power of 3KW and a working temperature of 1350°C.
The above is some basic information about the hot air valve shared with you today, including introduction, working method, basic parameters, nominal pressure and applicable temperature, etc.


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