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High Pressure Check Valve

High pressure check valve is generally used in large-diameter pipeline systems with high temperature, high pressure, and stable medium flow and pressure. The valve relies on the thrust generated by the medium flowing in the pipeline to open and close the valve, so that the medium flows in one direction and prevents the medium from flowing backward.

The high pressure check valve is designed according to the standards BS1868 and ASME B16.34. This pressure seal valve is mainly used in fossil fuel power plants under the condition of high temperature and high pressure. Compared with bolted valves, high pressure check valve provides absolute safety at the joint of the bonnet sealing, so in the maintenance of the valve under high temperature and high pressure environment, the high pressure check valve can provide a better service.


Design Features of High Pressure Check Valve

  • There is only one sealing surface between the valve body and valve disc;
  • Valve seat sealing surface welded with Stellite;
  • Easy to produce and maintain;
  • No leakage at the bonnet joint;
  • With bypass design;

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