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Globe valve model list


The alias of the stop valve is the cut-off valve. The stop valve is a kind of forced sealing valve. The feature of the forced sealing valve is that it closesvalvepressure must be applied toDisc, so as to realize the non-leakage of the mandatory sealing surface. This is the basic working principle of globe valve.

Stainless steel globe valve: J41W

External thread globe valve: J21H, J21W

External thread stainless steel globe valve: J21W-16C6L

American standard globe valve: J41H, J41Y, J41F

Bevel gear globe valve: J541Y, J541H, J541W

Electric globe valve: J941Y, J941H, J941W

Fluorine lined globe valve: J41F46

National standard globe valve: J41H, J41Y, J41F

Throttle cut-off vent valve: FJ41

insulationcutstop valve: BJ41W, BJ41Y, BJ45H, BJ45Y, BJ45W

Forged steel globe valve: J61Y, J61H, J41H, J11H

Bellows globe valve: WJ41H, WJ41Y, WJ41W

Instrument needle globe valve: J13, J23

Cryogenic globe valve: DJ41Y, DJ41W

Water seal stop valve: DS/J61H

Oxygen special stop valve: JY41W, JY41Y

Gas stop valve: J41N

Plunger stop valve: J40HX-16G


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