General standard for butt welding flanges

General standard for butt welding flanges
Butt welding flanges have different classification standards in use. They are used and promoted in certain ways and methods, and play an important role and value, which can bring certain convenience and value to users.
Butt welding flange: It is used for butt welding of flange and pipe. It has reasonable structure, high strength and rigidity, can withstand high temperature and high pressure, repeated bending and temperature fluctuation, and has reliable sealing performance. The nominal pressure is 0.25 ~ 2.5MPa. The welding flange adopts concave-convex sealing surface.
Flat welding flange: suitable for carbon steel pipeline connection with nominal pressure not exceeding 2.5MPa. The sealing surface of the flat welding flange can be made into three types: smooth type, concave-convex type and tongue-and-groove type. The application of smooth flat welding flange is large, and it is mostly used in the case of moderate medium conditions, such as low-pressure unpurified compressed air and low-pressure circulating water. Its advantage is that the price is relatively cheap.
Pipe flanges can be divided into five basic types according to the connection method with pipes: flat welding flanges, butt welding flanges, threaded flanges, socket welding flanges, and loose flanges. There are many types of sealing surfaces of flanges. Generally, there are convex surface (RF), concave surface (FM), concave and convex surface (MFM), tongue and groove surface (TG), full plane (FF), and ring connection surface (RJ).

The above are some brief descriptions about the general standard for butt welding flanges and flat welding flanges shared with you today.


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