Gate valve model list

Knife gate valve model: PZ73H, PZ73X, PZ73Y, PZ73F

Bellows Gate Valve Model: WZ40H

Electric knife gate valve model: PZ973H, PZ973Y, PZ973F

Thermal insulation gate valve model: BZ41H, BZ41W, BZ41Y

Cast iron bevel gear drive wafer type slurry valve Model: Z573X

Monel alloy gate valve model: Z11W, Z40W

Cryogenic gate valve model: DZ40Y

Cast steel gate valve model: Z41H, Z41Y

National standard gate valve model: Z41W, Z41Y

Pneumatic steel slag discharge gate valve Model: PZ641H

Dry ash gate valve model: GHZ644H

Cast iron electric dark rod soft seal gate valve Model: Z945X

Pneumatic wedge gate valve model: Z641T

Wedge gate valve model: Z41T

Cast iron wafer type slurry valve Model: Z73X, Z373X

Steel vacuum gate valve model: DKZ941H, DKZ941Y

Gas gate valve model: Z47WF

flangeConnecting single disc slab gate valve model: Z43WF, KZ43WF

Slagging Gate Valve Model: PZ41H

Electric gate valve model: Z941H, Z941W, Z941Y

Forged steel gate valve model: Z61Y, Z61H

Stainless steel gate valve model: Z40H, Z40Y, Z15W

Gear gate valve model: Z540H, Z540Y, Z540W

Flat gate valveModel: Z43H, Z43Y, Z43F

Elastic seat soft seal gate valve Model: Z45X

API American Standard Gate Valve Model: ZM41Y

pneumaticKnife gate valveModel: PZ673H, PZ673Y, PZ673F

American standard gate valve model: Z40W, Z40Y


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