Gas ballast valve work flow

The gas ballast valve mainly acts on the pump. It is a valve that removes most of the steam from the pump without condensing it together with the mixed gas. When the internal pressure of the gas ballast valve is lower than the external pressure, the gas ballast valve is opened, and the gas enters the pump chamber so that the partial pressure of the condensable gas in the pump chamber reaches the saturated vapor pressure at the pump temperature, and the pressure of the compressed gas has reached the exhaust pressure. , to discharge the condensable gas; when the internal pressure of the gas ballast valve is higher than the external pressure, the gas ballast valve is closed.

Gas ballast valve work flow

Another function of the gas ballast valve is to restore the ultimate pressure of the vacuum pump. Although we sometimes use it to extract general air, there is less condensable gas in it, and the general gas ballast valve is closed, but after a long time, the oil quality is gradually polluted by a small amount of condensable gas contained in the air. , For a vacuum pump without a gas ballast mechanism, you can only replace the new oil, or heat the pump oil, so that the liquefied steam evaporates, in order to restore the original limit pressure of the pump, but for a vacuum pump with a gas ballast valve. , the ultimate pressure of the vacuum pump can be restored as long as it is opened for 1 to 2 hours.
The gas ballast valve can speed up the extraction of steam without polluting the oil. If the vacuum pump only pumps out permanent gas, and the gas does not liquefy due to the increase in pressure, the deterioration of the pump oil does not matter, but if the pump is used to vacuum dry or pump out moist air, there will be not only permanent gas in the gas but also If the water vapor is pumped out by a pump without gas ballast, the vapor will be liquefied and dissolved in the oil, and the vacuum properties of the oil will deteriorate, thus reducing the pumping speed and vacuum degree of the pump.
The above content is the work flow of gas ballast valve and the introduction and function of some basic gas ballast valves shared with you today.


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