Function characteristics and installation instructions of water injection valve

Function characteristics and installation instructions of water injection valve
The water injection valve is an automatic water replenishment device, which mainly acts onSealed water circulation system. The water injection valve and the water replenishment valve refer to the same valve product, but the name is different.

Features of water injection valve

1. Can be cut off manually;
In order to facilitate the maintenance of system equipment, the automatic water replenishment valve is equipped with a manual shut-off valve, which can close the replenishment water source.
2. It can prevent the backflow of water in the system;
The automatic replenishment valve has a check valve to prevent the backflow of system water when the replenishment water pressure is reduced or stopped.
3. The water injection valve is equipped with a decompression and stabilizer device
The pressure value can be adjusted with the pressure gauge and automatically maintain the system pressure after adjustment; when the system pressure decreases, the water injection is automatically opened, and when the set pressure is reached, it is automatically closed to avoid damage to the system equipment due to excessive water pressure.
Injection valve installation instructions

1. The pressure of the automatic water replenishment valve is set to be 0.3 kg higher than the static pressure, but the set value needs to be lower than the replenishment pressure, otherwise the water cannot be replenished normally.
2. The automatic water injection valve automatically injects water to the set pressure, and the water injection time is longer
3. The automatic water replenishment valve can be installed horizontally or vertically, but cannot be inverted, that is, the plastic knob cannot be on the upper part
4. Watch the outlet pressure gauge and adjust the hexagonal copper nut on the top until it reaches the required operating system pressure
5. If the valve core is dirty, replace or clean the valve core
6. If you need to interrupt the automatic water replenishment, you can manually close the stop valve on the automatic water replenishment valve
The above has shared the functional characteristics of the three-point water injection valve and the installation instructions of the six-point water injection valve. I believe these basic knowledge points will be of great help to the application of the water injection valve after understanding.


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