Full-featured ultra-light valve

The full-function ultra-light valve is a relatively new type of valve. Its research and development is to make better use of it in different working conditions. It mainly has the following 9 characteristics:
1. Good pressure resistance. Forged valve body is adopted, and the PN can reach 32MPa.
2. Good temperature resistance, high temperature filler is used, and the applicable temperature range is wide: – 60 ℃ ~ + 600 ℃
3. Small size and light weight The better structural design reduces the weight of the whole machine by 60% to 80% compared with single, double seat valve and sleeve valve; the height drops by 50% to 70%.
4. Appearance The optimized design of the appearance makes the combination of the actuator and the valve better, and the whole machine is well-proportioned and beautiful

5. Good adjustment performance The adjustable range R = 100-200 is 3-7 times of P, N, M; small opening adjustment performance is good; Kv value is 2-3 times that of single-seat valve, double-seat valve and sleeve valve times
6. Good cut-off performance, the valve core and the valve seat are in line contact, and the contact is good. The leakage rate of the hard seal is 10-6~10-7, which is higher than the leakage rate of single seat, double seat and sleeve (10-3~10-4) reduced by 1‰
7. To overcome the large pressure difference, the resultant force of the medium is small to the central rotational moment, so the cut-off pressure difference is large, and the maximum can reach the PN value, which is 5 to 20 times that of the single-seat valve
8. Good anti-blocking performance The medium is straight through, the flow path is simple, and the anti-blocking performance is far superior to single-seat valves, double-seat valves and sleeve valves
Nine, good corrosion resistance The valve adopts anti-corrosion and erosion-resistant measures, and has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-erosion functions
The above nine features are the introduction of all the features of the full-featured ultra-light valve that I will share with you today, hoping to help friends who happen to be using the full-featured ultra-light valve.


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