Four precautions for safety valve setting

Four precautions for safety valve setting
Safety valves must be pressure tested before they can be used. Safety valve is an automatic valve, mainly used in some pressure vessels, boilers and other pipelines. For the setting of the safety valve, the following four precautions should be paid attention to:

Four precautions for safety valve setting

(1) When there are gas and liquid two-phase materials in the container, the safety valve should be installed in the gas phase part.
(2)When there is a block valve at the inlet of the safety valve, the block valve should be in a normally open state and be sealed with lead to avoid errors.
(3)When the safety valve is used to discharge flammable liquid, the outlet of the safety valve should be connected to the accident storage tank. When the discharged material is high-temperature combustible, its receiving container shall have corresponding protective facilities.
(4)Generally, the safety valve can be vented on the spot, and the vent should be more than 1 meter (m) above the operator and should not be directed to the open flame location, sparking location and high temperature equipment within 15 meters (m). The safety valve vents of indoor equipment and containers should be led out of the roof and should be more than 2m above the roof.


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