Forged Steel Gate Valve

Forged steel gate valve is a kind of gate valve whose parts are made of forging material. The gate of the forged steel gate valve moves along the vertical direction of the centre line of the passage. It is mainly used for shut-off function in the pipeline. Forged steel gate valve is a widely used valve. It is generally used for the shut-off device with size≤2”.


Characteristics of Forged Steel Gate Valves

Forged steel gate valves are mostly reduced bore design, compared with the same size cast steel gate valve, the amount of flow is slightly smaller, but the pressure and temperature range are higher than the cast steel valve. Its sealing performance is much better than the cast steel gate valve. It has a longer service life and the flow direction of the medium is not restricted.


Advantages of Forged Steel Gate Valves

  • The fluid resistance of the forging steel gate valve is small, and the sealing surface is less brushed and eroded by the medium.
  • Forged steel gate valves are suitable for small diameter lines with Class150 ~ 2500, the operating temperature of -29 ~ 425℃(carbon steel) or -29 ~ 500degrees C(stainless steel) for shut-off or switching on the medium in the pipeline.
  • Butt-welded forged steel gate valve is simple in shape, short in the face to face dimension, easy for manufacturing and widely used.
  • The gate is placed vertically in the valve body, and valve flap of the globe valve is placed horizontally in the valve body, so the length of the structure is shorter than the globe valve.
  • The internal media channel of the valve body of the forging steel gate valve is straight through, and the medium does not change its flow direction when it flows through the gate valve, so the fluid resistance is small.
  • The medium flow direction of socket welded forged steel gate valve is not restricted, without disturbing the flow and reducing the pressure. The sealing performance is very good, and the sealing surface is less eroded when fully opened.


Scope of application

Based on different materials, Forged steel gate valve can be applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidative media, urea and other media.

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