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Forged valve refers to a valve that uses the process of forged steel. In fact, the difference is in material, forged steel valves are often used in high temperature and high pressure conditions. There are commonly forged steel gate valves, forging steel globe valves, forged steel check valves, forged steel ball valves and so on. Forged valves are usually suitable for small size valves, with a range of 1/2” ~ 4″and pressure ranges of 150LB ~ 4500LB.


Forged valves have the following advantages over castings:

a. The hot forgings of forged valves improve recrystallization and grain refinement, thus contributing to the maximum possible strength and uniformization of the material.

b. The contours of the valve body surrounded by grains to reduce metal fatigue.

c. The forged valve body eliminates internal defects and harmonizes the metal structure for optimum performance.

d. External pressure is the biggest problem for the impact between grains, but forging significantly reduces the occurrence of this problem and significantly increases the life of forged valves.

e. The control of the dimensional consistency of the closed die forging of the forged steel valve has no defects caused by the displacement of the casting.

f. The ability of forging steel to fully meet the needs of most designs is the most important advantage.

g. Because of the above factors, forged valves have become indispensable products in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and high-demand power industries.



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