Flange globe valve structure and principle description

When the valve is closed, the flanged globe valve must apply pressure to the valve disc to force the sealing surface to not leak, which belongs to the forced sealing valve.
1. The valve adopts nylon product as the sealing surface, the packing is soft molding packing, the upper seal is also made of soft material, and the sealing performance is good.

2. An upper seal is added to the valve. When the valve is open, it has a two-layer sealing effect together with the packing, and has a certain protective effect on the packing.
3. When the handwheel is turned clockwise, the valve stem moves downward, and the valve disc descends to make the sealing surface close and cut off the passage. When it is reversed, it opens, and the valve stem is raised to a higher point to seal.
The above three points give you a brief introduction to the structure and principle of the flange globe valve, which will definitely be helpful to you. Hurry up and collect it~


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