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Features of forged steel cryogenic globe valve


The forged steel cryogenic globe valve is suitable for the management system of cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment. The normal temperature globe valve refers to the use temperature of the medium between -40 and 500 degrees, and the material of the valve body is also different. The low-temperature globe valve mainly refers to the globe valve in the low-temperature liquid medium system where the medium operating temperature is -196~-150 degrees.
Forged steel cryogenic globe valves, especially ultra-low temperature valves, have extremely low operating temperatures. When designing this type of valve, in addition to following the general valve design principles, there are some special requirements.
Design requirements for cryogenic valves: According to the conditions of use, the design of cryogenic valves has the following requirements: 1) The valve should have the ability to work for a long time under low temperature medium and ambient temperature. 2) The valve should not be a significant heat source for the cryogenic system. This is because the inflow of heat will not only reduce the thermal efficiency, but if the inflow is too much, the internal fluid will be rapidly evaporated, resulting in an abnormal increase in pressure, causing danger. 3) The low temperature medium should not have a harmful effect on the operation of the handwheel and the sealing performance of the packing. 4) The valve assembly directly in contact with the low temperature medium should have explosion-proof and fire-proof structure. 5) The valve assembly working at low temperature cannot be lubricated, so structural measures need to be taken to prevent friction parts from scratching


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