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Features of dynamic balance electric control valve


The dynamic balance electric control valve has two important features: excellent electric adjustment function and dynamic balance function.
one,Excellent electric adjustment function:
The electric adjustment function means that the valve can automatically adjust the opening of the valve according to the change of the temperature control signal of the target area, thereby changing the water flow, and finally making the actual temperature of the target area consistent with the set temperature.
It is the flow characteristic curve of the electric control valve to evaluate the performance of the electric control valve. In the air conditioning system, the ideal flow characteristic curve of the commonly used electric control valve is straight line or equal percentage.

2. Dynamic balance function:
The dynamic balance function means that when the electric regulating valve is adjusted to a certain opening according to the load change of the terminal equipment, no matter how the system pressure changes, the valve can dynamically balance the resistance of the system, so that the flow will not be affected by the fluctuation of the system pressure. keep constant.
The above two important features are the two biggest features of the dynamic balance electric control valve, which have advantages compared with other valves.


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