Electric device for 903 series valves

903seriesValve electric deviceThe product is suitable forbrakevalve,cut offvalveValves and similar equipment with multi-turn or linear motion of the valve stem can also be combined with the wormeddywheelThe gear box combination of the same structure is used forbutterflyvalve,ballvalveEquivalent stroke valves and similar equipment.

903 series valve electric device

The torque of the product is50~5000Nm,The power supply adopts three-phase four-wire system380V/50HzAC power or three-phase three-wire system380V/50HzAC power. fluctuations in supply voltage ±10%frequency fluctuation ±5%, the product can work normally.Products are available at-60~+60It can work normally under the temperature of ℃, and the protection level reachesIP68the explosion-proof grade isExdIIB T4 Gb,Stroke control realizes stroke control through the counter mechanism.Standard fully open, fully closed2Group counters, equipped with each position2Only large-capacity, self-cleaning switch with a contact capacity of250VAC10A. Torque control adopts mechanical torque control mechanism.Each configuration of switch direction1Only double pole double throw micro switch, the contact capacity is250VAC10A.903seriesvalveexecutive bodyHeating resistors are installed in each electrical cavity, which is used in places with large temperature difference between day and night and relatively humid places to prevent electrical components from being damaged due to condensation.GADuring the development process of this product, it has obtained a utility model patent: a safety switching mechanism for electric and manual operation of actuators. (Patent No:ZL 2013 2 0833728.3), utility model patent: a three-dimensional opening window fixing structure. (Patent No:ZL 2013 2 0832520.X).A large number of products are exported to Russia, South Korea, the Middle East and other regions, and the market share of products in Russia reaches25%generally well received by dealers.


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