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Eccentric plug valve product features


Eccentric plug valve product features
1. Double eccentric design, low friction opening and closing to ensure zero leakage
2. 90% nickel content, 3mm thick surfacing valve seat, or high-performance resin valve seat, can meet various corrosion resistance requirements
3. The V-shaped combined sealing ring can be replaced without removing the operating device
4. The design of the sealant filling port can prolong the service life of the valve
5. The valve bearing is a self-lubricating material, no need to add grease, and the valve shaft wears very little
6. The cock body is molded and hot-laminated, and there is no concern about rubber peeling and erosion corrosion.
7. The valve cover and valve body are sealed with O-rings, and the number of bolts is reduced, which is convenient for maintenance
8. Provide valve inlet and outlet pressure gauge joints, which is convenient for users to control and measure flow
Eccentric plug valve main parts material
Product use of eccentric plug valve
The unique eccentric sealing design of the eccentric plug valve greatly reduces the operating torque compared with the traditional plug valve, and minimizes the wear of the sealing surface and prolongs the service life of the valve. Rectangular straight flow channel, small head loss, good linearity of flow regulation. It is suitable for working environments such as urban sewage, industrial sewage, mud and clean water, and is used as a shut-off or adjustment device.


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