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Detailed Explanation of Breathing Valve and Working Principle of Breathing Valve


Breathing valve is bothCan communicate with atmosphere (breathe) above or below this pressure range,againEnsure that the storage tank space is isolated from the atmosphere within a certain pressure rangeof a valve. The function of the breather valve is to prevent the storage tank from being damaged due to overpressure or vacuum, and at the same time reduce the evaporation loss of the storage liquid. The breathing valve is mainly composed of a valve seat, a valve cover, a protective cover and two sets of opening and closing devices controlled by vacuum and pressure.The opening and closing device of the breathing valve includesspring, spring seatdisc, guide rod and sealing ring, etc.

Explanation of breathing valve

Working principle of breathing valve:

1 When the pressure of the medium in the tank is within the control operating pressure range of the breathing valve, the breathing valve does not work and keeps the tank tight;
2. When the medium is added to the tank to increase the pressure of the upper gas space in the tank and reach the operating positive pressure of the breathing valve, the pressure valve is pushed open, and the gas escapes from the exhalation port of the breathing valve, so that the pressure in the tank does not continue to increase ;
3 The atmosphere outside the tank will open the negative pressure valve disc of the breathing valve
One sentence summarizes the working principle of the breathing valve:When the pressure inside the tank reaches the rated exhalation positive pressure, the pressure valve disc opens and the steam in the tank is discharged; when the vacuum degree in the tank reaches the rated inhalation negative pressure, the vacuum valve disc opens and the air enters.


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