Detailed description of the water injection valve

Detailed description of the water injection valve

The automatic water replenishment device in the sealed water circulation system is called the water injection valve.
technical parameter:
Interface diameter: 1/2″
High water temperature: 110℃
Factory preset: ±1.5bar
Maximum water inlet pressure: 10bar

Adjustable water outlet pressure: 0.5~4bar
Material of the water injection valve:
Spring: Zinc-plated carbon steel
Diaphragm: Fiber-filled nitrile rubber

Body: Brass UNIEN12165: 98
Built-in check valve and filter
Once set, the regulator can keep the outlet pressure stable even if the inlet pressure changes, and the handwheel can completely shut off the water flow in an emergency.
The technical parameters and materials of the above water injection valve have given you a detailed description of the water injection valve.


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