Detailed description of steam solenoid valve

There are two main types of steam solenoid valves: steam from thermal power plants – superheated steam andBoiler Steam – Saturated Steamtwo kinds.Steam solenoid valves are widely used in many industries, such as: machinery, electrical appliances, building materialsplastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, foodAutomatic control systems for printing, chemical, surface treatment and scientific research departments.

Detailed description of steam solenoid valve

Solenoid valve is an automatic basic component used to control the direction of the fluid, belonging to the actuator; it is usually used for mechanical control and industrial valves to control the direction of the medium, so as to achieve the control of the valve switch. The working principle of the solenoid valve:

There are two types that we commonly use and use:

1. The steam from the thermal power plant – the superheated steam temperature and pressure change base is relatively large, the temperature can be higher than 400, and the working pressure is lower than 4.0Mpa. The hard-sealed steam solenoid valve is usually selected as follows:

Structural features: The metal hard seal is used to improve the operating temperature and service life of the product.

Reasonable material selection, the lubricating effect of the fluid is cleverly used between the valve cup and the guide sleeve to reduce wear.

Other uses – hard-sealed steam solenoid valve This product has a wide range of general media, and can be used for water, light oil, heavy oil, non-corrosive gas and steam and other fluids. For example, in the drainage system of the exhaust pipe of the power station and the exhaust system of the evaporator, the two-position automatic adjustment and remote control of the medium in the pipe are mainly performed.

Working status: normally closed – power on, power off, normally open – power off, power off

2. Boiler steam-saturated steam temperature and pressure are relatively stable, the temperature is lower than 250℃, and the working pressure is lower than 1.6Mp. Shanghai Xingou Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. usually chooses soft-sealed steam solenoid valves as follows:

Structural features: This valve is a pilot-operated double-opening solenoid valve composed of two parts: the auxiliary valve and the main valve.

Heat resistance: Electromagnetic parts and sealing parts are made of special high temperature resistant electrical materials and sealing materials, and various heat insulation measures are applied.

Wear resistance: Reasonable material selection, clever use of fluid lubrication between the valve cup and guide sleeve to reduce wear and improve service life.

Condensation resistance: The condensed water in the steam pipeline is an important factor affecting the action of the steam solenoid valve, and this valve is not affected by the condensed water.

Through the detailed description of the above two steam solenoid valves, you must have a deep understanding of them.


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