Design and technical requirements for nuclear power valves

Design and technical requirements for nuclear power valves
The following will share with you an article on the design and technical requirements of nuclear power valves:
Design of nuclear power valve

a) Strength design

In the design of nuclear power valves, strength calculation is essential. In addition to the conventional strength calculation, finite element analysis and seismic calculation analysis, for the valves of nuclear safety level 1, it is also required to carry out: limit calculation of primary membrane stress, primary membrane stress + bending stress limit calculation, and loop start-stop The limit calculation of the variation range of the primary and secondary stress related to the cycle, the limit calculation of the variation range of the primary and secondary stress except for the start-stop condition in the loop, and the fatigue performance analysis.

b) Structural Design

Since most of the transported media in nuclear power systems are radioactive and no leakage is allowed, the sealing structure design of the valve packing, bellows and valve seat is particularly important in the structural design (the shape design of the valve body is specified in the ASME standard).

In foreign countries, the packing generally adopts the multiple sealing structure, the Ω ring sealing structure and the packing box sealing structure in which the disc spring is sandwiched between the packing layers. The bellows generally adopts a combined bellows sealing structure. For important high pressure valves, the valve seat adopts a forged structure. In addition, the connection between the valve body and the pipeline adopts butt or socket welding structure.
Nuclear power valve technical requirements

According to the actual operating conditions of nuclear power valves, nuclear power valves have higher technical characteristics and requirements than thermal power valves. In addition to the technical requirements of conventional valves, the technical requirements of nuclear power valves should also focus on the contamination of impurities in the medium, ambient temperature, operating temperature, ambient humidity, radioactivity, DC power supply and voltage fluctuations, and technologies related to stability under earthquake and vibration conditions. requirements, security levels, etc.
The above is the design and technical requirements of nuclear power valves shared with you today. If you help, please forward it quickly~


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